NTAB’s 2017 employerone® Survey

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Reports tell us that Canada is facing a skills shortage, or a mismatch. To better understand what is happening in Northern Ontario, six workforce planning boards are calling on local employers to help identify their labour market needs. They will be asked about the current and projected needs of their business, the demographics of their workforce, projected human resource vacancies, recruitment strategies and challenges, their perspective on candidate skills, education and training, top competencies needed in their business and any ongoing concerns.

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development requires information at this level in order to get the answers needed to have accurate, evidence based labour market information on the demand side. With this survey we want to capture; employment opportunities, skills needs and gaps, identify which training is a priority, and find out if employers expect growth or decline in their industry. In order to accomplish this we require your valued participation in this survey.

Survey Objective

The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board is calling on employers like you to help us better understand the issues and challenges facing your business. The survey is designed to collect information from employers on a range of workforce issues, including projected vacancies, hiring employees, recruitment strategies and challenges, as well as your perspective on candidate skills, education and training.


The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board is a community directed, non-profit corporation leading the Kenora and Rainy River Districts in their approach to workforce development and labour market planning.

The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board functions as a neutral broker of research, disseminator of information and facilitator of collaborative partnership development. Operating as part of the Local Boards Network of Ontario, it is one of 25 local planning board areas funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to conduct and distribute local labour market research and engage community stakeholders in a planning process that supports local solutions to local issues. NTAB’s mandate is to provide guidance regarding important workforce and employment challenges facing the Kenora and Rainy River Districts.

How We Help Employers:

Are you wondering what the workforce situation is in your area? Are you concerned about labour/skill shortages that may impact your business? What skills are available?

The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board answers these questions by being your source for workforce information and labour market planning. We regularly conduct research and release reports concerning the labour force in the Kenora and Rainy River Districts that are instrumental in guiding stakeholders to develop plans that help address these issues proactively. Regular and on-going consultations with communities means we can provide an up-to-date overview of the local labour market and the trends and issues affecting it.

How We Help Employment Seekers:

While we do not directly assist you in finding employment, or offer training programs, we are the best source for connecting you to local employment agencies, government agencies and career information to help you attain your ideal career.

You should consider this site a gateway. Through us you are connected to a network of people and resources eager to be a part of your quest for success. Whether you are looking for advice, job information, local labour force trends or the contacts that will help you succeed, this is your source.

How We Help Community Organizations:

The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board partners with organizations in the region to address high priority workforce development issues at the local level. On any specific partnership project or event, it may act as lead partner, co-lead partner or be involved in a steering or advisory committee role. The Northwest Training and Adjustment Board can also provide information and support to proposals for new initiatives and programs where a need has been identified.


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